srijeda, prosinac 14, 2011

Finnish basketball league - men
14.12.2011  -  17:30
Namika Lahti - Kauhajoki Karhu
Tip: 1
Odd: 2.80
Stake: /


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WORLD: FIFA Club World Cup
14.12.2011  -  11:30
Kashiwa Reysol  -  Santos
Tip: 2
Odd: 1.80
Stake: 100/100


Probable starting eleven: 

Sugeno, Mizuno, Kondo, Masushima, Hashimoto, Leandro, Otani, Barada, Wagner, Tanaka, Kudo 

Rafael, Danilo, Durval, Bruno Rodrigo, Edu Dracena, Arouca, Elano, Ganso, Henrique, Neymar, Borges 

This is the first Santos participation in FIFA World club championship, but they are far from debutant. Many times in the past Santos was part of the former competition known as the Intercontinental Cup, and even won the trophy in 1962 and 1963. So, the experience is the first reason for my pick. I think it is an important factor. 

Next, the most important reason - the quality. No doubt it is on Santos side. Team with players like Elano, Ganso, Neymar and team top scorer Borges is surely big favorite, specially against inexperienced opponents from Japan. It is unknown for most of the people that just one year ago Kashiwa was in the second J division. 

The next reason is fact that Kashiwa players are tired at the moment. Last Thursday they played with Auckland City and won 2:0, while on Sunday played with Concacaf champions Monterrey in the quarterfinal. That match was very hard as they won through penalties, after 120 minutes tough battle. On contrary, this is gonna be the first match for Santos. 

It is also important that Kashiwa key defender Hiroki Sakai is doubtful after receiving a knock to his knee against Auckland City. Maybe he will play against Santos, but it is clear he is not 100 percent ready and Brazilian fast strikers could take some advantage from that. 

It is interesting that Kashiwa coach Nelsinho Baptista has strong connection with Santos. He was part of the team that lifted the Paulista trophy in 1978. Also, he was team coach in 2005. 

As conclusion, Santos is closer to the victory. It is true Kashiwa will have stronger support from the fans as this match will be played in Japan, but I think the other factors will decide the match.

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utorak, prosinac 13, 2011

Italy - Serie A
13.12.2011  -  20:45
Genoa  -  Internazionale
Tip: 2
Odd: 2.35
Stake: 100/100

FT: 0:1+

Inter is getting better and better. They are 10th on the table at the moment, but can climb up to the 6th position if they beat Genoa. Some of the injured players are back and the results have come. Against Fiorentina Inter looked stronger and motivated. Fiorentina has not managed even to shoot at Inter's goal. Only Sneider and Forlan are still missing, but the retirns of Brazilias Maicon and Lucio are very important. Also, team captain Javier Zanetti will be in the squad after the suspension. From the other side, Genoa managed to win in Siena and it was surprise. Genoa plays good this season, but lacks quality for the European cups. They don't have many quality players like they have had 3-4 years ago. And there is one interesting fact - since Motta and Milito joined Inter, Genoa losses its matches against Inter in Genoa. What lies beneath, or it's just accidental, i don't know, but i see big difference in the motivation in Genoa players when they play against Inter and Juventus after these transfers. Against Juve they play like it's Ch.League final and against Inter they look uninterested. Now when the match is more important than in some other situations for Inter, i have much confidence that Inter will easily win.

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